Power for Kingdom Living

If you want to experience God’s presence, if you want to understand His ways and counsel, and if you want to live in His power, you are going to need the personal ministry of the Holy Spirit.  For some this statement sounds boring and theological.  For others it might be off-putting, and sound too “charismatic.”  For yet others, it is intriguing and enticing.  For everyone – it’s true. 

Only the Holy Spirit can reveal, communicate and empower the Kingdom of God in and through you.

The book of Luke makes it clear that Jesus did His ministry by the power of the Holy Spirit.  He was/is the Son of God – fully God.  And, He was/is the Son of man – fully human.  He lived and experienced life just like we do – Jesus was fully human.  However, He was also anointed (enabled) by the Holy Spirit to experience, understand and live in the Power of the Kingdom of God. 

“God anointed Jesus...

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