Choices - Choose Well, It matters!

choices kingdom reap sow May 21, 2019

Life is a matter of choices.  Every day, we make a series of decisions. Some are trivial, such as what sox to wear, while others determine success or failure in our lives. Scripture clearly reveals that we are who we are, and we are where we are because of the various choices we have made. We make choices - and then our choices make us!  What you consistently choose will mark your life.

I once read of “the Law of Focus.”  It states that “What we focus on, we make room for.”  If you focus on making an “A” in a class, you will make room for the necessary study.  If you focus on dating a certain person, you will make room in your schedule to get near him/her.  The focus of our lives starts to determine the kind of input we receive, and that input begins to create a kind of thought-atmosphere in our minds.  Our repetitive thoughts then determine our choices, and those choices determine our destiny.

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