How to Escape the Plague

There is a plague in our land. It is robbing and stealing life from people of all ages. It used to affect only a certain portion of the population, but it has spread to all kinds of people in our country. It is a communicable disease that causes death. It often starts in an undetected way, but usually progresses to destroy spiritual, emotional, relational and physical health.

Because this disease is curable, people often miss its deadliness … until it has ravaged lives.  Its innocuous shortened street name is “Busyness,” but its clinical name is “Insidious Busyness.”  It is insidious because it often undetected and develops gradually. Its initial symptoms can mask its real effects, even enticing its victims to drink deeper of its intoxicating ingredients. When properly diagnosed, however, it is easy to recognize, and its damaging effects become plain and clear.

This disease is so rampant and so entwined in the values of our culture, many...

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