How To Be Lifted

As people get older, they are prone to “soften” in more ways than one. Most importantly, people’s hearts tend to get softer – and they become humbler as the decades start ticking away. Much of our culture looks at this softening process with suspicion, wondering if it’s the fruit of humility or lack of backbone and/or drive. Even if it is humility, the public square often doesn’t honor the character of humility. Yet, God’s economy is quite different.

Both James (the brother of Jesus) and Peter (one of His closest followers) wrote, “God opposes the proud, but shows favor to the humble.” (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5) God opposes those who exhibit pride – because they are opposing Him. When people act in a prideful way, they are not seeking God – and Scripture declares they are also not making room for Him in their thoughts. (Psalm 10:4)  If not seeking God, and not including Him in our thoughts are marks of pride...

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Who Are You – Really?

At different points in our lives we are confronted with different forms of the same question –

“Who are you?”

Often the question comes as a challenge to our competence. We are tempted to define ourselves by what we are able to do and/or how well we can do it.

Sometimes we are enticed to delineate our lives in terms how well regarded, received or "important" we are. The eyes and approval of others become our measuring stick.

Alternatively, we may be incited to understand ourselves and portray ourselves in terms of power – how much (or who) we can gain and control for our own purposes.

These three false measurements of identity are common to all of us. Different ones will be weighted in different ways, nuanced with different language and tailored to fit/attack our specific personalities and susceptibilities. However, these kinds of temptations are bait for the traps of pride or self-condemnation for all of us. 

  • Which temptation bites more deeply...

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Is There Spiritual Leakage in Your Life?

Do you want to walk in God’s power and strength, or do you prefer to go it alone?  This is a question we must each honestly ask ourselves.  If you want to walk in God, you must learn to positively respond to His commands and directives. You must also be willing to say “No” to lesser things.

A.W. Tozer gave students, at Wheaton College, 5 important “Don’ts” that can help strengthen us and prevent “spiritual leakage” in our lives. Let’s take a moment and consider them together.

  •  Don’t trifle (i.e. play or deal lightly) with sin

There is no need to waste your time/life with things that don’t truly satisfy and actually will make your spirit weak and sick.  Don’t slow down to even toy with sin. Keep moving ahead, living full wholesome lives and obeying His positive commands.

  •  Don’t steal God’s glory

Don’t be so concerned about other people’s opinion of you. If you...

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