Are You Sending Down Deep Roots?

Most of us tend to do whatever we can to get out of the path of adversity. We will try to think our way out of a mess, look for help from others, or pray that God will just make it stop.  Additionally, we all experience the constant inundation of advertisers that offers products to relieve and remove our troubles.  They promise to give us access to the good life to which we are all “entitled.”  If your difficulty is weight, muscle tone, sickness, finance, loneliness, depression, or erectile dysfunction – “We have a product that will take care of that for you.”

God’s ways are often very different from ours. He uses the hurdles and stubborn obstacles of life to deepen us and produce lasting fruit in our lives. Wisdom and character are grown through adversity, not through escape. There is no product that you can buy that will give you the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) or understanding of the ways of God. These are only forged...

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Where Are You Seeking for Comfort?

Do you ever feel out of sorts, like something isn’t right within you and you need some form of comfort?  Where do you look and what do you do for comfort in times like this?

We all have different things that bring us some level of relief. Some are benign and some may be toxic. Some help us draw near to God, and some are false comforts that produce guilt and shame within us.  It is important to remember that on the deepest level God is our great comfort in Jesus Christ, and He willingly comforts us in all our troubles. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

What about your family, or your neighborhood, or city – Who/what can console on these larger levels?  You can probably think of some families that participate in particular false comforts from generation to generation; some neighborhoods are known for their false comforts; and even some cities are known this way. But Jesus Christ alone is the real consolation for people!

The angels declared at the birth of Jesus, ...

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