How Are You As A Connector?

Some time ago, while on a walk in a park, I was noticing different kinds of connections between mothers and their toddlers as they strolled along.

Some moms had their coffee cups in hand and their child in tow. Their eyes were glazed over as if in a daze. They were with their child, but at that moment they weren’t “with” anybody.

Some were texting and checking the internet. They were somewhere else in their minds and focus.

Others were doting over their children, overloading them with words, tones, object lessons and tactile experiences. These ladies were MOMs –they were “WITH” their children.

How are you as a connector?

Are you passive and somewhat disconnected?

Are you distracted, often thinking about other things while relating to people?

Are you overborne, smothering others and making it hard for them to breathe emotionally, psychologically, intellectually or physically?

Or, are you able to simply be present with those God brings into your...

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