Watch Out for Sinkholes

A few times a year we hear about a house, car or building being swallowed up. All at once, the ground gives way and everything above the surface drops and disappears. These sinkholes can be very destructive and terrifying experiences, as they seem to happen with no warning.  Engineers, however, say that (particularly in Florida) there are areas where limestone lies beneath the surface. Acid rain and other underground water can dissolve the limestone. When enough stone is melted away the underground cave collapses under the surface weight. It looks like it happens all at once, but the subterranean deterioration takes place over time.

We must tend to the condition and wholeness of our souls, or we may experience a kind of sinkhole collapse in our lives. It might appear that our present circumstances have caused our bondage or our downfall, but often the cause is subterranean deterioration. When we run too fast, push too hard or allow others to have too much sway in our lives, we can start to lose ground. If we don’t make time for communion with God, reflection and rest, our souls may start to dissolve and become empty – unable to bear weight.

We need to build robust and sound inner worlds of honesty, restfulness and responsibility. We must also make sure that our lives are built upon truth and commitments that can withstand the pressures, weights and assaults that will come our way.

Jesus made it clear that storms and troubles are part of life. (Matthew 7:24-27; John 16:33)  Peter encourages us not to be surprised at the fiery ordeals of life (1Peter 4:12) Weathering the storms and standing up under pressure requires cultivating our relationship with the Lord – and ourselves. Our souls must be tended … and no one but you can tend to your soul. Your soul is the place where your sense of identity, what you feel and think, your physical state and your relationship with God all come together.

Your soul is you.

Your soul is sound when all the parts move at a healthy pace in the same, honest direction in the response to God. This necessitates tending. We must be careful.

How is your soul today? Is it well tended?

Are there any changes you need to make or plans you need to schedule in order to better address the wholeness of your soul?

~ Coach Tom


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