Is There Spiritual Leakage in Your Life?

Do you want to walk in God’s power and strength, or do you prefer to go it alone?  This is a question we must each honestly ask ourselves.  If you want to walk in God, you must learn to positively respond to His commands and directives. You must also be willing to say “No” to lesser things.

A.W. Tozer gave students, at Wheaton College, 5 important “Don’ts” that can help strengthen us and prevent “spiritual leakage” in our lives. Let’s take a moment and consider them together.

  •  Don’t trifle (i.e. play or deal lightly) with sin

There is no need to waste your time/life with things that don’t truly satisfy and actually will make your spirit weak and sick.  Don’t slow down to even toy with sin. Keep moving ahead, living full wholesome lives and obeying His positive commands.

  •  Don’t steal God’s glory

Don’t be so concerned about other people’s opinion of you. If you live well and give proper respect to God’s provision, direction and power in your life, you will not be overlooked.  If, however, you try to upstage what He is doing, others will smell your pride and step away, and God, too, will resist you.

  •  Don’t own anything (actually, don’t let things own you)

We are constantly tempted to acquire more things, thinking they will satisfy us but, if they do, it is for the briefest moment.  Instead, we find that we must protect and take care of the things we acquire. Soon the things that we think we own begin to require our time and attention. They begin running our schedules and bank accounts.  They, in effect, own us.  It is best to simply receive God’s provisions with gladness, to use them with enthusiasm and to hold them openhandedly. When we become selfish, we begin to lose everything.

  •  Don’t gossip

Speaking of others’ weaknesses or misfortunes tastes very sweet in our sinful mouths and it sings an alluring tune to our prideful ears, but it is very harmful. Gossip not only strikes and tears at its object, it also degrades and spiritually dulls the speaker and the listeners alike. It sucks all trust out of the atmosphere of relationships and grieves the Holy Spirit.

  •  Don’t defend yourself!

There will always be people who are unhappy with us. They may attack us on various levels for what we do or fail to do. The question is, what will you do in response to the attack you receive? Try not to defend yourself.  Take notice of the inner strength and communion with God this brings.  He is with you, and He is your Refuge and Deliverer.

Being strengthened in the Lord’s power and might with you,

 ~ Coach Tom


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