Stir & Spur to Greater Life

When you say, "How are you doing?" people usually give a quick (positive) answer, and the conversation moves on. If you slow things down and pursue a more thoughtful answer, you can usually expect a pause - as the person takes stock of their emotional condition and reviews their recent performance. Their status will often be expressed in terms of a treadmill week. And life goes on.

This need not be – there is more to life than a weekly treadmill. Jesus came that our lives may be abundant and full. (John 10:10) We must remember that we will be most fulfilled and alive when we are most spiritually alive. Paul reminds his younger friend Timothy to stir up (the fire of) the spiritual gifting within him. (2 Timothy 1:6) Sometimes we have to intentionally stir ourselves up to rekindle that fire. 

  • What kind of things fire you up?

  • When was the last time you were on fire?

  • This might be a good time to put yourself in a setting or two that are likely to stir you up deep down, on the inside.

Not only must we intentionally stir up the spiritual life within us, we need to “spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” (Hebrews 10:24) We are to provoke and stimulate each other – to kick each other off the couch of sloth, inertia and self-comfort. We need to get each other going – to help each other get off the boring treadmill of small, repetitive living, and choose Kingdom life that makes a difference. Once we are stirred to life, we can be used to spur and encourage others. We need to encourage and be encouraged because Kingdom faith requires taking risks, and risk-taking demands courage. 

Take a moment and consider the spiritual lives of those around you.  Ask God if there is anything you can do that would challenge, spur or encourage them toward a greater Kingdom life.  Each person is unique; each one needs a different kind of stimulation and emboldening. You might be the one God wants to use to boost your friend or co-worker off the treadmill or couch. 

  • Could you pray for your relational spheres for a moment, and see how God might lead you to break the lethargy of some of those under your care? When He uses you to spur and encourage others, the Holy Spirit stirs your spirit. It is a spiritual win-win. 

  • Say good bye to treadmill faith; it’s time to stir yourself up, to hit the streets and spur others on in life and faith – beyond the routine of the same old, same old.

When someone asks you how you are doing, may you have tales of the rekindled life that is emerging within you. And, may God use you to spur and encourage others today!

~ Coach Tom


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