Move from Fullness to Abundance!

How full is your life? Let me put it another way, how abundant is your life? The questions sound different, don’t they? Many of us have lives that are full, but not as many have lives that feel abundant.

In John 10:10, Jesus is recorded as saying “… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  Other translations say, “Have it abundantly.”  The point is that Jesus came into the world to free us from all that binds us, and to release abundant spiritual life in our souls and in our midst.  We are tempted to think that the life Christ has for us is smaller than the lives we are trying to carve out for ourselves, but actually the opposite is true.  He who created you wants to give you the best and fullest life your frame can handle.

In a related way, Paul exhorts us to be “Filled with the Holy Spirit.” (Ephesians 5:18) The full and abundant life that Jesus provides is realized through the filling of the Holy Spirit.  He is the “Animator” of your spiritual life from God.  Sadly, most people don’t seem to be living lives that are full of the Holy Spirit.  They are not conscious of what He is doing around them or communicating to them. They are trying to live a spiritual life by their own resources, rather than according to the power of God.  God intends and has designed more for His children.

Make way for abundance!

Is there spiritual clutter and/or sin in your life?  Do what you can to remove those things. Our lives may be full, but not abundant simply because they are full of spiritual-life-suckers. We may be busy with things that don’t really matter. We may be tied up in false comforts and hollow fillers which come in all shapes. If you are aware of spiritual-suckers in your life, take some time to identify them, agree with God’s perspective (confess), ask for God’s help to change – and make the changes He directs. This is often accomplished best when done with a mature spiritual friend you can trust.

Spend time receiving from God in His presence and Word. Be stillBe silentBe with God. Receive from His truth. Once you have emptied yourself of false fillings, take time for fresh filling. You will need to plan and set aside time to be with Him. Don’t let other things creep in. Practice and learn how to "be" with God; and make it part of your lifestyle.

Lastly, practice obeying the leadings of God in your life.

Learning about God is good. 

Obeying God is life-transforming. 

This is where the abundant life kicks in!


~ Coach Tom


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