How Well Are You Listening?

Most arguments seem to spring from a sense of not being heard or understood. When we are not understood we tend to press our point or perspective harder. Unfortunately, our extra efforts and energy can be threatening and put others on the defensive.  Change is needed.

At a number of junctures Jesus is recorded as saying, “Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.”  These words were always clues indicating that the listener needed to employ a spiritual, kingdom understanding in order to grasp the point Jesus was making. He was encouraging His hearers to slow down, ponder and ask God’s help to understand the things of the Spirit.

In Revelation, we see Jesus using the same expression for people to understand His messages to each of the seven churches. He said, “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” We, too, need to take time to listen and discern what God is saying. We need the Spirit’s help to understand what the Spirit is saying.

Isn’t the same thing true when relating to people? We need to first seek to understand, then to be understood.

We must learn to give our first attention and energy to understanding what people are saying and feeling. Then we need to ask the Lord for help to understand His perspectives related to their message and feelings. And finally, we may respond to what has actually been communicated.

How can we really do this?

We must realize that everyone is created in the image of God!  Since everyone is an expression of God, we need to honor each one and “pay” attention to each one.  It costs us time, energy and effort to honor and listen to others well. It becomes a little easier, however, and seems more purposeful when we realize that in so doing we are honoring and worshiping their Creator and ours. To listen well to others is to honor God’s image within them.

When we have listened well – with God’s help and insights in mind – we can then begin to respond and love well. God’s love must be the primary purpose in our response to people. We need to love and honor others. (Romans 12:10)

Do you have ears to hear what we are saying today? Honor people and listen well; seek the Lord’s help to understand; respond in His love. They will be built up by the Lord through you.

~ Coach Tom


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