God's Ways Are Redemptive

One thing we can learn from political campaigns is that whatever skeletons a candidate may have in his/her closet will be brought into the public sphere. Things that person has done and things that have been done to the person will be exposed. Mistakes and bad decisions made will become fair game for media and water cooler discussion. It can be a very scary thing to be promoted in the public sphere.

Thankfully the Kingdom of God is different.  It is redemptive at its core. The very things that have brought us shame and/or bondage, when meaningfully touched by God, become places of freedom, testimony and God’s glory. When God redeems an area of our lives, we are given fresh authority to stand and to impart to others, hope, courage and overcoming power in that very area . If you have been set free from an addiction, if you have received forgiveness and grace to change a sinful practice, if you have been healed in your soul or body – you have a new platform to be of benefit to others.

When God liberates us, He will often use us to set others free. When someone is bound or in need they most want to hear and receive from someone who has overcome in that same place of need. The transferable aspect of this redemptive process is one of the great beauties of the Kingdom of God.

In the first chapter of the book of Hosea, God instructs the prophet to name his son Jezreel (meaning “scatter”) because God was going to judge Israel’s sinfulness by scattering them to different nations. At the end of the chapter, however, we see that God will eventually use that scattering to His glory and their benefit. Over 700 years later God used the scattering oppression of the Roman empire to plant the redemptive message of the resurrection of Jesus among many nations and peoples. (Acts chapter 8)

Are there areas of shame or bondage in your past or present? Take hope; the redemptive nature of the Kingdom is at hand. In Christ you can access complete forgiveness that can wipe away the sting and power of sin and shame. He can set you free, and give you authority to also help others. The places where you have most failed can many times become your areas of greatest and most impactful ministry and impartation to others. The things that you thought might disqualify you can become the very things that powerfully qualify you to speak to and help others.

~ Coach Tom


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