Does Your Obedience Feel Burdensome?

Have you “fallen” in love with anyone – I mean really in love? When that thing comes on you, your life changes. Everything else – even important things – seems to wane. Life in many ways gets put on the back burner, and you become practically obsessed. When your mind wanders from your tasks, it generally goes toward the person of your great affection. And, you find yourself willing to pay great prices to be with that person. You are willing to drive/travel long distances and go without much sleep to be with him/her. Almost nothing can hold you back.

This love-behavior is true of our relationship with God, too. "This is love for God: to keep His commands. And His commands are not burdensome." (1John 5:3) We ultimately express our love to God through our obedience to Him. Love and lordship are one and the same in relationship with Christ. To love Him is to recognize and relate according to who He actually is, the Lord. We grow through obedience and we remain close through obedience. Obedience is our love language to God; grace and mercy are His to us.

Obeying God’s commands is not heavy or burdensome because that obedience flows from deep-seated love. (John 14:5) However, when obeying God feels like a list of arduous tasks, it is a sign we have lost touch with our love for God. Love is the fuel for our obedience – it makes us desirous and willing to do anything in response to who He is.

Does your faith-life seem heavy or draining? Does it feel like something you “should” do? These are signs that you have lost intimate connection with Christ. Obeying God is a manifestation of our love for Him. It is not burdensome or draining – no matter how large or daunting the task. Love does not measure such things … it passionately moves ahead.

If you need to rekindle your love-life with God, consider taking some fresh steps of obedience.

First, acknowledge that your heart has grown cold, and let Him know this is not your desire – but rather that you want to passionately follow Him. (If you can’t even muster this level of desire – be honest and tell Him the real state of your soul.)

Ask Him to remind you of some clear things He would like you to do (steps of obedience). These might be spiritual, relational or practical.

Determine you will obey, and offer your obedience to Him as an act of worship and an expression of your love for Him.

Ask Him for the enablement of the Holy Spirit to live in fresh obedience and love.

Practice this obedience for a few days, and you will almost assuredly experience new life.

~ Coach Tom


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