Are You Thirsty?

How alive are you?

How abundant is your life experience in God?

The New Testament starts with the book of Matthew, but the first Gospel written was most likely the book of Mark. It reads, “The beginning of the Good News about Jesus …” It then starts with the ministry of the John the Baptist – the one who Isaiah prophesied would prepare people to receive Jesus, the Messiah.

John called everyone to repentance – to turn from their sinfulness – their self-referenced, self-promoting, self-protecting and self-justifying lives. John the Baptist proclaimed a new spiritual season in the Messiah that had two powerful stages:

1. Turn from sin and receive fresh forgiveness from God.
    Baptism (emersion) in water would be the sign of this spiritually cleansing reality.
2. Look for and be alert to the Promised One – Jesus, the Son of God.
    Baptism (emersion) in the Holy Spirit will be the reality of this new life.

As we consider Jesus, the eternal God-man, we need to consider the inauguration of the new and abundant life (John 10:10) that He brought with Him. It is a life of utter and complete forgiveness, based not on our efforts but His death payment in our behalf. It is also a life baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.

A. The Holy Spirit gives us the experience of intimacy with the Father, crying out “Abba” from within us.      (Romans 8:15)
B. The Holy Spirit makes us holy, sanctifying us and conforming us to the image of Christ.
    (2 Thessalonians 2:13)
C. The Holy Spirit empowers us for Kingdom living and ministry, to testify to Jesus.  (Acts1:8)

This is a great time for you to take stock of your life.  Jesus died that you might be forgiven and baptized with the Holy Spirit.  Are you experiencing and living in the Intimacy, Holiness and Power that the Holy Spirit has for you? Cry out to Him where you are hungering and thirsting for more. Ask for others to help you to more fully actualize this abundant life that He has secured and is offering to you.
Enjoy the fullness that God has for you as you begin this period off Lent and new season in the

~ Coach Tom


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