Are You Anxious?

We have been created by God. He fashioned our personhood and our personalities. He knows what makes us tick. He not only knows how we think, He knows what we think before we do.  His presence is always around us and, if we know Him, we experience the Holy Spirit’s presence within us.  (Psalm 139)

God knows our future, and He has prepared paths, encounters, provisions and purposes for us. (Ephesians 2:10)  There is no need to worry – it adds nothing but distress to your life. (Matthew 6:25-34) There is no value is anxiety; it wars against our faith and our sense of trust in God.  Unfortunately, the enemy somehow convinces many people that worry and anxiety are forms of taking responsibility – that they demonstrate trustworthiness by being worried and obsessively concerned about what might go wrong in the future.

Let’s take a moment and let God’s salvation from faithless living sink deeply into our souls, affecting our feelings and our perception of the future. We don’t need to hype ourselves up by claiming positive futures and hoping we can make ourselves believe our proclamations enough to actualize them. Instead, we need to slow down and connect with God. We need to cultivate honest relationship and trust in Him – no matter what our future. The core of our lives is not tied to upcoming events – be they easy and rewarding or difficult and seemingly unfair; the depth of our soul is made simply for communion with God.

When we experientially know that our lives are filled with, covered by and destined for His love, protection and purposes - fear, doubt and anxiety slip away. They are replaced with deep gratitude and thanksgiving as a lifestyle and worldview.

Take a moment and read Psalm 139 slowly and worshipfully. Let this poetic praise sink deeply into your soul – like gentle rain soaking into the dry ground. Allow trust in God to crowd out the negative energies and prognostications that haunt you. Be still; receive His presence; know that He is God.

~ Coach Tom


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