A Season of Waiting … A Season of Preparation

This Sunday marks the beginning of the season of Advent. Advent means “Coming” or “Appearance.”  This is a time when Christians around the world identify with Israel waiting hundreds of years for the Messiah – Jesus. It is also a time to intentionally stir our hearts with hope for the return of Christ. We are waiting and looking for His Second Coming. It’s an opportune period to practice waiting on the Lord.  It’s also good to inform our waiting and refresh our faith and hope in God.

For what are you waiting?  What burdens are you waiting for Him to relieve? What promises, biblical and personal, are you waiting for Him to fulfill? What rekindling are you seeking in your relationship with Christ? Write these things down – and begin to pray and wait with renewed faith in the faithfulness of God.

Faith is not just about waiting; it can also involve preparing for His answers and His coming. 
This preparation is a powerful demonstration of faith. Noah didn’t just wait for the flood, he built the ark. David prepared his skills and heart as a worshiper and shepherd, and became a psalmist-king. Anna and Simeon gave themselves to prayer, worship and the prophetic, so they could discern the Messiah in the form of an infant. (Luke 2:25-38) The 120 gathered in the upper room to wait together for the promised filling of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 1:1-15)

How might you deepen and practice waiting on the Lord?  I suggest considering some fresh ways that you want to give yourself to Him, from November 27th- December 25th . Here are a few ideas –just to get your mind working:

  • Choose a time, a practice and place to meet consistently with God.
  • Possibly include an image to look at, a candle to burn or maybe a prayer shawl (that’s what I sometimes do).
  • Consider and plan what you will read during these times; Scripture, a devotional, etc.
  • Practice a few minutes stillness and silence – simply waiting in His presence.
  • Do whatever you can to increase your sense of childlike “wonder.” Read something, learn something, look at pictures … whatever blows your mind with wonder.
  • Consider meditating on short passages of Scripture – read them slowly a few times, use your imagination as you read – allow a few key words to stay in your spirit – recite them again and again slowly, carefully.

Advent is a great season to intentionally “Be” “With” God. It’s a time to be formed and reformed by the Holy Spirit. May God use this coming month in your life to increase your spiritual capacities.

~ Coach Tom


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