Are You Baffled By Suffering?

Do you ever feel like you can’t catch a break – like people and circumstances are constantly raising their hands against you? This is part of what life is like sometimes. Life on earth is difficult. Sometimes, even for long periods of time, life can feel oppressive – and bring suffering. Understanding this reality can be helpful – everyone suffers, and everyone needs to learn to persevere.

Unfortunately, many people of faith are baffled when they hit difficult patches. They subtly or blatantly believe that their lives should be easier because they have faith in God. This is wrong theologically and unhelpful in practice.

Jesus’ life was difficult, and it grew more difficult as He continued in His faithful devotion to the Father. The apostle Paul’s life was also difficult. Yet, rather than being perplexed by his difficulties or feeling sorry for himself, Paul invited his spiritual son and apprentice to “join him in suffering like a good soldier in Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 2:3) 

Persevering through hardships and suffering is an important part of life. Christians don’t get to avoid it, instead they get to go through it with the presence and power of the Lord within them.

The anguishes and distresses of life can feel imprisoning, like the chains that literally bound Paul as if he were a criminal. Though he was bound, he wanted Timothy to know that the Word of God can never be chained. (2 Timothy 2:9)

We will suffer in many ways; this is part of the order of this age. But God's Word is never chained - it/He (Jesus is God’s Word – John 1:1,14) is unstoppable and unrestrainable. The Truth of God may appear to be chained for a moment, but He is always active - and often most powerfully in the dark, when we feel most tied up.

As Jesus is the Word of God, so His resurrection power accompanies that Word. This power goes beyond reason and human striving. The Word of God, this Seed of Truth, is imperishable and indestructible. (1 Peter 1:23)  So, there is always hope when you are aligned with God’s Truth. You may experience sufferings of many different kinds, and your circumstances may lead you to feel despondent and despairing; but there is always hope. God’s Word will help you prevail.

James goes a step further, encouraging us to consider our suffering and trials (and even the temptations that surround our trials) with joy, recognizing that they are tools in God’s hands to deepen our faith and build our ability to persevere. (James 1:2)

Are you suffering in any way? Does your spirit feel bound? Take heart … the Word of God cannot be chained. His truth in you – your loving obedience to that Word – will break the chains in due time, in the name of Jesus! Place your hope in the power of God’s Word – it/He provides strength that outstrips circumstance.

~ Coach Tom


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