No More Fear Paralysis

When was the last time you failed?  Was it huge or a small mistake, a breakdown or a collapse – or have you intentionally suppressed memories of your failure?

Most of us hate failure. Failing makes us feel ashamed.  It threatens our identity – as if our identity could be built on consistent, flawless performance.

We need to remember, however, that failure is a significant and important part of life. The only way a child will ever learn to walk is by failing thousands of times. People of great accomplishment have a long string of failures to which they can very easily point.

Winston Churchill, widely regarded as one of world’s great wartime heroes, defined success as “going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

The best way to deal with a fear of failure is to press ahead, try some new things and fail a few times. You will find that the fear of shame associated with the fear of failure is ten times worse than the actual failure. The paralyzing questions related to, “What if I fail?” are very often tools of the enemy that keep your life experiences and impact small.

Can you think of any biblical character who was significantly used by God whose life was not peppered with significant failure? Let’s reflect on just a few: 
Eve & Adam (apple); Abraham & Sarah (Hagar); Moses (the Egyptian); David (Bathsheba); Solomon (wives/idolatry); Peter (denial); Paul (persecution).

The Bible is raw and honest in its “3-D” portrayal of real people. It doesn’t hide mistakes and failures, and often even discloses people’s negative motivations. These blunders, mishaps, and sins occur throughout the lives of great men and women, not just when they were young and didn’t know any better.

So, if God is not so freaked out about failure, why are we?

We are afraid that if we fail we will experience rejection, loneliness, shame or death. However, the perfect love of God can drive fear out of our inner soul. God’s love dislodges the paralysis of fear, removing alienation and punishment. (1 John 4:18) In Christ, God has permanently absorbed and taken our punishment; we have been eternally reconciled. (Colossians 2:13-15)

This is the incredible, disarming power of God’s love. Can you freshly receive this miraculous omnipotent love in Christ right now?

You do not need to let the power of cancelled sin or the paralysis of potential failure stop you from boldly pursuing what you think God may have placed in your heart. Stop letting a fear of failure keep you from living fully. Jesus has paid your price; He has set you free from this kind of bondage to perfectionism (Galatians 5:1); He has opened the gate so you can enter in to abundant living. (John 10:10) Go for it; live freely and boldly in Christ!

~ Coach Tom


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