Are You Taking Hold of Reset Opportunities?

Why did God include rest as part of His created order?

Animals rest.

Birds rest.

Fish rest.

People rest.

Land also needs rest.

Even machines and computers need rest.

It is God Who created the concept of Sabbath rest and He intended it to be exercised weekly. He also created a daily cycle that includes rest/sleep.

God could have created us without a need for rest, but He didn’t. He clearly values rest. It serves as a kind of reboot. It cleanses our souls from the toxic buildup that life sometimes produces. It heals wounds that have been inflicted. It resets our minds with hope and direction. The rest of God provides a kind of new start.

Sabbath rest includes stopping our regular work, worshiping the God of creation and reflecting upon our lives within the framework of God’s purposes. It also involves delighting in God, creation, our lives, and our connections.

Isn’t it interesting that many of the Sabbath gifts have fallen out of the rhythms of modern life? No wonder many are worn, frazzled and fragmented.

God has made it clear that Sabbath rest is to be a mark of His people. It is the fourth of the Ten Commandments. (Exodus 20:8)

He also gives healthy sleep to His people. (Psalm 127:2)

God wants us to live and work from a place of rest in our bodies, souls and spirits.

  • Is meaningful rest a healthy rhythm in your life?
  • Do you sleep well and consistently?
  • Do you enjoy a weekly Sabbath?
  • Would others characterize you as a rested person?

These are not laws to hinder progress; they are gifts from God to be received as part of your inheritance in Christ. They are benevolent patterns to which God would have you align. They are enjoyable - good for you and good through you.

Fall is a great opportunity for us to start to form practices of soul, spirit, and body rest…before the holidays are upon us.  It won’t happen without some intentionality and planning. Take a moment and make a simple plan with God concerning space for some rest in His presence.  It will make a real difference in the way you walk into this coming season…and the rest of your life!

 ~ Coach Tom


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